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HOT....What most preachers and Denominations do not want you to ask, or to find out: The historical Jesus, survived the crucifixion and lived, mostly in Kashmir, until his 90's.

   This verifiable historical fact collapses all traditional theologies.  EXAMPLE: Since Jesus did not die on the cross, then he did not die to cancel everyone else's sins! Example 2: The real Jesus could have made a "second coming" back to Palestine at any time, had he wanted to. He had 50 years in which to do it. And was probably still living in Kashmir when the Bible book called Revelation was written.

   Jesus survived the crucifixion and lived, mostly in Kashmir until his 90's.  Several reliable historical documents affirm this and his visit to India prior to his ministry in Palestine. His grave in Shrinigar is known and may be  visited.  This verifiable fact, about Jesus surviving the crucifixtion, completely topples all traditional official theologies, all of which are built on Paul's "Christ", which phoney "Christ" never existed and could not be the answer to anything!  Most reverent Churchmen (devout saints) are unaware they are converted to the wrong "Christ"--Paul's bogus "Christ" which never existed!  Genuine disciples will WANT to know this indispensible information! A disciple, by dictionary defination, is a student: someone teachable. (Or are you an unteachable know-it-all?)  If you think I am incorrect in these facts, I CHALLENGE you to try to refute me.  The REAL Jesus SURVIVED the crucifixion, and this reality completely crumbles all traditional theologies and DEMANDS a new start, here now proposed, by The Keys To The Kingdom Church!  For more facinating details please turn to page two...click here 

HOT...In each of the four New Testament gospels, there are TWO (not one) very different Christs.  One Christ in the N.T. is the historic Jesus of Nazareth, a first century actual person.  There were true things written about him, the real Jesus, and these remnants can STILL be rather reliably separated out from materials which were later improperly over-laid. 

    The originally correct, records were over-written when another "Christ", (mostly Paul's innovation), was created. Which other "Christ" never existed and could not be the answer to anything!  What happened was: Paul didn't even like the real Jesus, so Paul created his own "Christ".  But this counterfeit "Christ" was a duplicate of the dying-rising Pagan "gods" already universally standard for thousands of years.  Paul's converts and "churches" were dedicated to the wrong "Christ".  Most churchmen yet today are still (unknown to them) converted to the spurious "Christ"!  Eventually, (those days) most Christians were Paul's converts, not converts of the original Jesus.  And when gospels eventually were written, the practice was to over-write records of the real Jesus as though the real Jesus and Paul's "Christ" were the same person.  NOT SO:  NOT SO!  There are, in the New Testament, as it now stands:(since Constantine) TWO, very opposite type indeed, Christs! Come to NOW know and appreciate the real Jesus! And the real Good-News! WELCOME to The Keys To The Kingdom Church world!  And RELIABLE Church information!

     Eventually, the Roman Emperor Constantine, in 325 A.D., declared Paul's "Christianity" (which was really ancient Paganism) to be the official "new" state religion of the Roman Empire complete with the gospels now mostly glorifing the wrong "Christ"! The "new" was not new. It was essentially the same old Paganism, somewhat modified and re-labled.

    Many years later, the Protestant Reformation rejected Rome's authority, BUT, in one important way, did not change, since they did not know any better than to retain Constantine's (Paul based) Bible, and did not discover that due to Paul's influence, Constantine's Bible has TWO very different Christs, with the most prominent one, an artificial fake!  Most present-day (salt-of-the-earth, dear precious saints) churchmen are also unknowingly converted to the wrong Christ!    So, STILL to this very day, Paul remains the universal Church's GREATEST enemy! Paul couldn't, by persecution, anihilate the Church but easily leads it astray with his pagan-like "Christ".  A LOT more Good-news Reformation is in order NOW!  For more vital Good-news NOW information, and about how the two Christs differ, please turn to page three......click here

HOT...Paul was not liked by the Apostles. And Paul may have created Gnosticism. Paul's N.T.letters are loaded with reverse definations. He does this "new-speak" with every important word. Paul uses the right words but attaches to them, completely opposite meanings from what Jesus or the Apostles would mean if they used the same word. For details see our page four.....click here

HOT...All alleged Bible "miracles" are here, by the Keys To The Kingdom Church, shown to be commonly ocurring natural events, with no supernatural intervention at all involved. The historic Ockham's Razor applies to this reality.

  The real Jesus performed no miracles, saying to miracle-workers, "Depart from me, I never knew you." So-called Fundamentalism is thereby here totally demolished for the tremendous improvement of Christianity.  For more stunning, eye-opening information about alleged Biblical miracles, please turn now 
to our page 5.....
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HOT...More sensational Bible discoveries of recent years, disclose who were the WRITERS of the separate portions of scripture.  This, about the Biblical authors, is essential information for knowing how to relate to the writings. EXAMPLE: The Law portion, (first five Biblical books) is not "God's Word"--instead it is Ezra's word. Ezra edited it to be the tool he wanted it to be. You must have this essential Key about Ezra as editor to start to understand Old Testament! What Ezra essentially says is: You, reader must think and believe and do just as I Ezra, head Jew, command. Because I got law from the Moses I created, and the Moses I created got it from the YHVH god I created (in Ezra's image). When you see the writings Ezra combined to form the Law separated from each other, you also learn each successive writer contradicted what had gone before. There is nothing BUT contradiction! You have to know about Ezra to know about the Old Testament. But you can find out about Ezra right here right now!....for page 6.....click here

    Much the same can be said about the New Testament.  The four N.T. gospels purposely very much contradict each other.  To see WHY, you need to, know, MUST know, about the N.T. authors and their differing purposes to understand why they all deliberately contradict each other.  When you see WHY they are writing you easily understand why each N.T. writer intentionally contradicts all the others.  And WHAT he intends to gain by his planned contradictions. You learn more Bible by knowing the contradictions than you do by trying to explain them away.  They are supposed to be there!  For more information, please turn to page seven......click here

O...The Biblical Israelic peoples, expelled from Palestine by Assyria (from 745 B.C. to 715 B.C.), by migrations which are well known, on the great Asiatic steppes became the Cimmerian and Scythian peoples, known to the Romans as Goths. Pressured by wild Eastern tribes, they entered the fortified Roman Empire for protection. And by more known migration became the present-day Aryan peoples of Northern Europe.  They never had been and never were Jews.  They did not take Ezra's Old Testament with them for Ezra's O.T. did not exist yet.  They never knew it or heard it.  For documentation about these realities, please refer to our page eight.....click here

WOW!...Apocalypse, end-of-the-world, theories and speculations are contrary to the teachings of the real Jesus.  And have no validity whatever.  They are ALL based on mis-readings and mis-understandings of scripture!  And have NO proper place at-all in Christianity!  To see apocalypse absurdities, here, totally demolished, please turn to page nine....click here

WOW!....It is incorrect for "talking in tongues" Pentecostalists to call "tongues" a "gift".  They do already have the great gift of ordinary speech.  To see Pentecostalism's false assumptions demolished, please turn now to page 10.....click here

NEWS...For frequent unique comments and insights about recent daily news reports,
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